Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Say what!!} shaggy gives Rapper blueface notable advise after blueface said he had sex with thousands women in just few months

Shaggy has given words of advice to US Rapper Blueface who has repeatedly said he had sex with thousands of women in space of few months

While give his advice shaggy said,

Shaggy to Blueface Bang ‘Em If Ya Want … But Wrap It, Bruh!!!

thinks Blueface should keep slaying as many Thotianas as he can … provided he does one, super important thing.

We got Shaggy Friday leaving SiriusXM’s headquarters in NYC and asked about Blueface’s /-esque big boast. ICYMI … Blueface told legendary radio DJ earlier this week that in the first 6 months of 2019 … he’d already banged more than 1,000 chicks.


Ya gotta see Shaggy’s reaction. True or not … Shaggy’s happy for Blueface but he offers the rapper some sage advice when it comes to laying down the pipe. Shaggy’s not worried if Blueface slips one past the goalie.

In case you’re wondering … Ric Flair claims he’s — give or take a few — and Wilt Chamberlin, of course, famously bragged his tally is 20,000 strong. But, buying that.

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