Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Former NBA Star Lamar Odom Seems to have moved on with life as the basketball Legend was recently spotted at a functions with new girlfriend

All seems to be going on fine for Lamar Odom as he was recently spotted attending a functions with a new Girlfriend.

Lamar Odom just made his new relationship Hollywood official, taking his smokin’ hot new GF to one of the most famous and photographed restaurants in the whole damn city.

Odom and fitness guru Sabrina Parr hit up Craig’s in Hollywood this weekend, a place where he knows damn well one million photogs will be asking one million questions all at the same time.

Interesting timing for such a public outing … it comes amid reports that the relationship wasn’t genuine, with a source telling People the whole thing is “fake,” with “nothing romantic going on.”

TMZ Sports posted video of the couple lip-locked in Atlanta last week, and we gotta say the lovin’ didn’t look too fake to us, and neither does the way the two fawn over each other on social media.

BTW … Craig’s is a pretty dangerous place for Lamar to hit up, it’s a favorite of the Kardashians, meaning you’re one high-priced dinner away from a really awkward run-in.

Or … maybe it wouldn’t be so awkward?

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